Suitable from 4–35 lbs, or up to 32″ whichever comes first

    Included infant insert suitable from 4-11 lbs




  • JAKE

  • NOA

Feature updates from our current MESA include:

  • XL canopy adds 43% more sun coverage + privacy
  • 4th rebound carry handle position for increased safety in rear-impact collisions when installing without the base
  • Infinite adjustable headrest to provide a custom fit for baby
  • Robust infant insert to optimize fit and body positioning of baby
  • European routing to provide a secure carrier only installation
  • Anti-Rebound+ Panel for increased safety in rebound + rear-impact collisions
  • Load leg limits forward rotation in a frontal crash and reduces the potential for head and neck injury
  • Fire Retardant free textiles and foam

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